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UAV SHOW 2023, become a partner


Outdoor demonstration area on October 12, 2023

Make the show!

Take advantage of a static display area and a flight demonstration area.

Benefit from an outdoor tent located in the demonstrations flights area :

  • Your UAV flight is communicated in the official exhibition programme,
  • Your drone flight is broadcast live on a large screen,
  • A sound system allows you to present and comment the flight in real time.
Workshop - thematic workshop
  • A space of expression in the heart of the exhibition
  • A conference room fully equipped with an audio-visual system which allows the digitalization of the event,
  • A conference moderator,
  • The Insertion of the your conference in the official exhibition programme.
Convention days October 10th & 11th

A specific visibility offer with your logo visible everywhere on site: on the bay window at the main entrance of the convention center, on the directional signages, on the welcome reception desks and on the dynamic screens.


Your advertisement in the exhibition guide
  • 4th cover of the guide - 2 500 euros HT
  • 2nd or 3rd cover of the guide - 1 800 euros HT
  • Inside page of the guide - 1 000 euros HT
Lounge badge lanyards (exclusive)
  • Badge lanyards - 1 500 euros HT

* The 3000 cords are provided by you, distributed at the time of the delivery of the exhibitors' badges and are available during all the duration of the show.

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