Europe’s largest professional drone airshow and exhibition

UAV Day 2020, UAV Show gathered in one day

Remaining absent from the French and international drone landscape in 2020 was unthinkable for the organizers of UAV Show. Thus, this  event was created with the objective of enabling the sector's players to interact with each other, enrich and create in-depth debates.


Key figures

UAV Show 2018 successes

The first European professional drone exhibition took place on October 10 and 11 at the Pavillon du Pin Galant and on October 12 in the test area at Sainte-Hélène, for application demonstrations.

  • The exhibition brought together the players in the sector and the user companies (contractors, local authorities, police, security, fire departments, network managers).
  • We were fortunate to welcome international visitors from Europe, North America and Africa with Japan as guest of honor.
  • Thanks to UAV Show, synergies have been created between the players in the sector from a business perspective, in particular with the help of qualified business meetings via the web registration platform.
  • The regulatory and technological watch of the participants was consolidated through the programming of round tables and high-level interactive workshops bringing together the best international experts.

They were present

SMEs/SMIs in the industry (operator, manufacturer, operator, training, test centers, etc.)

The associated services: finance, legal, insurance. The customers: principals, sponsors, local authorities, police, security, firefighters, network managers...

By 2022

The global drone spending budget will nearly double to $11.4 billion, according to aerospace firm Teal Group. The drone market is growing rapidly and the European market is leading the way. The European Commission has identified more than 400 civilian drone projects in 20 countries, ranging from systems weighing just a few grams to those the size of an A320 airbus.