Meet Nicolas Parant, CEO of Cesa Drones

Meet Nicolas Parant has been involved in the organization of UAV SHOW since the first edition.

How did you discover the drone industry?

I started out as an airman in the French Air Force, then became a flight director at an air base for 18 years, during which time I flew 3,000 hours on combat aircraft.

After my career in the army, I joined the La Poste group as a logistics director.

In 2018, I became an expert and remote pilot of drones, I was doing thermography, infrastructure inspections, visible and infrared image processing.

At the same time I created and took over the management of Cesa Drones.


What is Cesa Drones?

Cesa Drones is a subsidiary of Bordeaux Technowest specializing in the drone industry.

We offer four types of services to our clients: testing and certification, training, development and support for companies, and lastly, events. We have three test centers in New Aquitaine.

Our privileged relationships with institutions allow us to provide optimal testing and working conditions in a secure environment for our customers.

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What is Cesa Drones' role in organizing UAV SHOW?

Cesa Drones co-organizes UAVSHOW with Bordeaux Events And More.

We provide our expertise in the industry and technical advice on the event's development, and handle marketing. We are also at the heart of the programs, from the choice of topics for the round tables to the speakers.

The outdoor demonstration day is the result of our strong relationship with Bordeaux Mérignac Airport, the DGAC, and local and regional institutions. Finally, we are at the heart of the gala evening, an exceptional evening unique in Europe, rich in encounters, which is the strength of our network of specialists in the drone industry.

UAV SHOW is the European professional drone show. Participants, principals and customers are unanimous about the quality of the event. We count on your presence.


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