Meet Adrien Selvon

Adrien Selvon is in charge of economic development for the Aeronautics-Space-Defense sector

Passionate about aeronautics, Adrien assists startups that have completed their support at Bordeaux Technowest in their installation in the region. He is also looking for new aeronautical activities to set up in the area, especially on the runways of the aeronautical platforms in Gironde.


How did you discover the drone industry?

I've been working for about ten years in the development and planning of aeronautical infrastructures. I have been involved in the prospecting of new activities for 3 years at Bordeaux Technowest. For the past few years, I have been increasingly confronted with the implementation of drones on aeronautical infrastructures. A rise in competence on the subject was thus the logical continuation and today I contribute to the actions for the benefit of the drone sector, in support of CESA Drones.


What is your role in the organization of UAV SHOW?

I am involved in several aspects, from marketing the show to setting up certain aspects such as the implementation of the day of flight demonstrations at the airport.

This new edition takes place in an international context where drones are particularly highlighted.

The war in Ukraine has clearly changed the perception of the military sphere as much on the small commercial drones adapted to the needs of the field as on the MALE drones that allow a modest army to regain mass.We will try to highlight this this year, in the same way as the civil security applications, especially in the fight against forest fires.

And then, in 2023, the world of the drone reaches the maturity that allows it to cohabit with other categories of aircraft. The day of flight demonstrations at Bordeaux-Mérignac airport will be a highlight for the industry, the culmination of a long-term work led by Bordeaux Technowest, Bordeaux Mérignac Airport and the DGAC.

This edition should be rich in previews.