Dronisos, partner of UAV SHOW

Dronisos is the European leader of the lighted drone show !

A pioneer in the field, the company specializes in permanent shows, notably for amusement parks, but also produces one-off shows for large-scale events or official ceremonies, anywhere in the world. Thanks to its unique technology, developed in-house, Dronisos is able to create outdoor and indoor shows.


Who is Dronisos, the company behind the UAV SHOW gala evening show ?

At Dronisos, we operate at the intersection of art and technology. We create breathtaking drone shows that will make your event unforgettable. In addition to being artists, we are also engineers. Our unique technology, developed in-house, allows hundreds or even thousands of drones to fly in a coordinated and safe manner. We accompany each project from A to Z: design of the choreography, definition of the implementation plans, logistics and security operations... Our collaborators, all passionate, are 100% committed to tell your most beautiful stories in the sky.



How long does it take to create a drone show ?

The more time we have the better. We generally recommend 1-3 months, which gives us enough time to create and test the show. However, there have been times when we have done spectacular shows in just a few weeks. Depending on the location of the show, transportation of the drones, airspace clearance requests or other, the time frame can be longer.


What type of drones do you use ?

Our favorite drones are from Parrot. We have been in partnership with them for several years and we use their drones, modified according to our needs, for outdoor and indoor choreographies. Indeed, we make important modifications on the drones so that they are completely adapted to our light shows: sensors, antennas, leds... The drones we fly end up being unique !


What is the maximum number of drones you can fly simultaneously?

Outdoors, we have already flown up to 2,000 drones simultaneously. If the project requires it, we can fly even more.

Indoors, even though we are constrained by the size of the venue, we have already flown up to 200 drones simultaneously. This is currently the world record!