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As a responsible company organizing events, we pay particular attention to the evolution and spread of the Covid-19 virus and will keep you constantly informed on the evolution of the situation. Following the regulatory protocol to combat and contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus in the workplaces, we had to work toward a re-modulation of our process. If you need to contact us, please send an email to Our team will take note of it and will reply as soon as possible. In compliance with its primary objective and dispite the extraordinary situation, all our team remains at your disposal for any request and will make every effort to ensure good quality events.


An event organized by Congrès et Expositions de Bordeaux

Craftsman of the ephemeral

The event is in a way, the DNA of CEB, whose activity is centered around 2 big poles:

These two poles represent more than 300 events hosted every year on our various sites.

CEB handles the operation and the maintenance of big sites of the business tourism of Bordeaux.

  • Exhibitions Centre (84 000 m² indoor)
  • Convention Centre (3 amphitheaters with a total capacity of 2 000 persons, a space of exhibition of 3 000 m²)
  • Hangar 14 (5 400 m²)

(CEB has been renewed to manage these 3 sites for a duration of 15 years, until December 31st, 2027**).

  • Cité Mondiale Convention Center (1 200 places)

Key figures

With 110 employees and more than 300 events hosted on average per year, the activity of CEB constitutes an important economic lever for the territory. It generated in 2013 a flow of 960 204 persons and a turnover of about 32,5 million of euros.

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